What are the Features and Benefits of Hinged Shower Doors?


In the US, many homeowners prefer to use hinged glass shower doors. Despite being more traditional, they are nevertheless often employed in many different architectural designs and types. These glass doors swing outward or inward as opposed to sliding shower doors. A pivot or side-mount hinge that allows the glass panels’ ability to swing is used to hold them in place. For showers that are around 60 inches wide, most homeowners use hinged doors. In other words, stand-alone showers are advised to use these doors.

Features of a Hinged Shower Door

With this shower door, you’ll receive a design that comes the closest to a typical door. There won’t be a levered handle, but everything else will be the same, with the exception of glass in the hinged shower doors. Turn it upside down to install it for a right- or left-handed opening. The glass is attached to the frame by two clasp-style hinges. Typically, the hinged shower doors are 6 to 8 mm thick.

The hinged shower doors are frequently the deciding fꩵactor for both price and quality. The price of the set is increased by a number of choices, including easy-to-clean glass, leng🌟thy chrome brass handles, and Italian hinges. On the other hand, some hinged doors come in the frameless style for hinged shower doors. Hinged designs are less prevalent on the commodity market and are more frequently seen in bathrooms with more space. Those with a small amount of room can choose between bifold and in-fold choices.

Shower doors with hinges are a great addition to any bathroom. An effortless opening and shutting hinge system on these shower doors make for a convenient and p𝕴leasant showering experience. An overview of the characteristics of hinged shower doors i𝐆s provided below.


Because hinged shower doors are built of premium components like 𓃲stainless steel and tempered glass, they are strong and long-lasting.

Variety of Designs

Hinged shower doors are available in a variety of designs, including frameless and semi-frameless alternatives, allowing you a wide range of color and style options to fit your bathroom’s decor.

Excellent Water Sealing

Hinged shower doors have watertight seals to stop water from dripping outside the shower ar🐎ea, which makes them a great option for tiny bathrooms.

Pros and Cons of a Hinged Shower Door

Shower door with hinges

There are benefits and drawbacks to owning a hinged shower door. Doors with hinges are simple to maintain. They don’t have any rails or tracks to maintain as sliding shower doors do. Semi-frameless and frameless bathroom designs produce a modern, minimalist aesthetic that frequently harmonizes with the lavish bathroom décor in the space.

On the other hand, hinged shower doors are often not used in smaller bathrooms because of the opening, which might lead to problems down the road if purchased. Small amounts of water that leak onto the floor or shower mat when the door opens after taking a shower might necessitate extra cleaning and maintenance. The larger opening of hinged shower doors generally results in a larger wa🍨lk-in space inside the enclosure.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Hinged Shower Door

Shower doors with hinges are also referred to as pivot doors. These doors can open outward thanks to hinges that are mounted on the side. Some hinged shower doors feature frames, while others have frameless sides with drill-hole hinges. It’s crucial to comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of each type before beginning your next bathroom renovation. Continue reading.

Size of Entryway

Hinge shower doors are preferable than sliding shower doors when it comes to entryway space. Doors with hinges are renowned for swinging open at a 90-degree angle. This enables them to provide a broader and safer entranceway for those who have limited mobility, such as elderly persons or those with disabilities wꦅho use a wheelchair to reach the shower area. Shower doors that slide open by overlapping each other are fixed. The entrance to the shower enclosure is consequently constrained.

Ideal For Smaller Bathrooms

Have you got a smaller restroom? For homeowners who wish to make the most of their bathroom space, sliding shower doors are advised. Sliding shower doors are a better option for saving space because they don’t swing outward. Although they widen the entrance, hinged shower doors also need a lot of room in front of them to open and close. They are consequently less suitable for tiny bathrooms.


Hinged shower doors are better than sliding ones in terms of maintenance. Hinged doors do not have the bottom tracks required for sliding doors to open aꦚnd close. Grime and soapy water can build up on the bottom track where the rollers are located. These can result in mold and mildew iꩲf regular cleaning is not done.

Additionally, sliding shower doors include metal rails that, with time, may rust. You will therefore need to maintain sliding shower doors on a regular basis. But it’s also important to remember that contemporary sliding shower doors come without tracks. This can greatly simplify maintenance.


Sliding shower doors are very aesthetically beautiful, especiall🌌y the frameless varieties. Your bathroom ♕has a seamless appearance thanks to the large, frameless glass panel. Additionally, sliding shower doors allow more light to enter the bathroom, giving the room a brighter appearance. However, if the usage of brackets and hinges is kept to a minimum, a hinged shower door can also mix in smoothly with a contemporary interior.

Benefits of Hinged Shower Door

Easy Installation

Hinged shower doors are quite simp🐠le to install, and the whole operation only takes a few hours. Homeowners may update their bathrooms thanks to this without a loꦇt of fuss.

Simple to Clean

Hinged shower doors feature a smooth surface that makesﷺ cleaning quick and simple. To clean grime and stains off the glass, use a glass cleaner or a vinegar-and-water solution.

Space Saving

Hinged shower doors conserve space since they don’t need extra area in your bathroom for clearance. In a tiny bathroom, the door opens outward to provide space-saving advantages.

Additionally, homeowners might profit from hinged shower doors in other ways. Also made possible by the swinging action is a larger entryway. For people who struggle with movement or have physical impairments, they are the safer option. Similar to sliding doors, these provide a nice appearance. A frameless hinged shower door may give your bathroom a minimalist appearance while still add𒁃ing a touch of beauty.


In conclusion, hinged shower doors are a great purchase for homeowners looking to renovate their bathrooms. They save space while being dependable, simple to install, and clean. Additionally, they improve the bathroom’s attractiveness. Get a hinged shower door today for a relaxing, practical, and opulent showering experience.